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Why TownofEagleRiverCorridorPlan.org?

This website is designed to be an information portal for details about the Town of Eagle – River Corridor Plan.

The Town of Eagle strives to present information to its constituents utilizing the most up-to-date means available, improving transparency and providing easier access to accurate information.

Why this Plan?

The goal of the Town of Eagle – River Corridor plan is to create a direct connection between the Town and the Eagle River. The River Corridor Plan provides specific land use guidance for properties located along the Eagle River, within the Town’s Urban Growth Boundary.

As a component of the Eagle Area Community Plan, the River Corridor Plan will serve as a guide for the development of these properties over the next planning horizon of approximately 10 years.

The Plan consists of 6 major themes:

1. Conservation

2. Economic Development

3. Recreation

4. Place-Making

5. Transportation & Access

6. Education & Awareness

Download the final adopted version of the River Corridor Plan here.

Local Commentary

Hear what local river enthusiast Ken Hoeve has to say about Eagle’s proposed river park in this video.