Chapter 5 – Regional Context


“There’s something magical about a river.” – Tom Boni, Planning Director, Town of Eagle

This chapter provides a regional context for the open space, trails and in-stream recreation objectives of this Plan. The Town of Eagle – River Corridor Plan and other planning documents (e.g., Town of Gypsum Eagle River Area Plan, Eagle Area Community Plan, and ECO Trails Plan) delineate a network of trails and in-stream recreational opportunities from Gypsum to Wolcott. These plans also identify an open space and conservation areas that encourage river access points in suitable locales and protect land that is important to the river ecosystem.  Between this Plan and the Town of Gypsum’s Plan there are two whitewater parks, seven boat ramps (both formal and informal) and a network of trails and open space that will create opportunities for memorable hiking, biking and river experiences for residents and visitors to the Eagle/Gypsum area.

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